The Best Job ON EARTH

A tree doctor or arborist because they are known as can be an urban tree treatment professional who’s paying to get high and hug trees and shrubs all day… literally. Having examined the biology of trees and shrubs, and their management within a metropolitan environment, this job is continuing to grow in popularity (pun intended) since the recognition that trees and shrubs are essential to the making of an urban space more livable. This is the primary butter and bread job of an arborist or tree service business. In some full cases, a tree can be saved rather than remove completely by only removing a limb or two.

If you have weak branch unions or suspected rot, a tree can be managed by removing the unsafe branches and the tree can continue to see a few more good years yet. Regular tree pruning is also needed for power line clearance, building, and roof clearance and just some general formative pruning to keep carefully the tree looking good.

The local council will sometimes ask for a report from a professional arborist to ascertain the health of the tree before they provide approval for the tree to be removed. This happens more often than not with builders who want to get a development application approved for a fresh home or even only a pool.

Sometimes a tree’s root base will need to be pruned or the whole tree removed before work can start. Arborists will be the ones that provide that approval. If a tree is planted within 3 meters of the building, the origins can obstruct drains over time and damage the foundations of a home or small commercial building.

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It is vital that is discovered early if you want to save lots of the tree. Pruning can be done and a main barrier installed. If it’s remaining too late, the tree will need to be removed to save the true home. The stump is sometimes preferred to be left by some customers as they utilize it as a seat or as a garden feature. If it is required by them to be removed, an arborist can use a stump milling machine to remove the stump with ease.

Arborists spend a lot of the day climbing trees and shrubs, which require quite a bit of upper body strength. The conventional method is with a rope and funnel using the Single Rope Technique (SRT). This essentially means placing an individual rope as your high point and linked to your funnel for security, and making use of your upper body strength to pull yourself in the tree. And because you will be pruning or removing trees you will be up in a tree with an 8-kg chainsaw and when on the ground lugging large logs.

It’s not for the faint-hearted. All day long No one prefers being cooped up in an office. So if you don’t shy from a little of physical labor away, maybe spending your days climbing trees on a bright sunny day will be a bit more up your ally? The cool breeze on your neck, the comradery of job-site antics with a good bunch of groundsmen… and let’s not forget the smell of 2 strokes in the morning.

Being an outdoor type is a real way of life. An essential part to be an arborist is studying Arboriculture. It’s 2 – 3 years of study. The scholarly study is not regular, weekly but just 1 – 2 days. This is because it is vital to accumulate your skill base face to face.