Risk Of Investments Across RRSP, TFSA And Standard Accounts

You’ve got the right position from what I understand. Your father is correct that you don’t get any taxes deductibility of deficits in a TFSA, but that’s just the offset of getting no tax consequences on any benefits. Loosely: Fixed income should go in RRSPs. Equity in TFSAs and non-reg. That is a good combo from a tax-management perspective.

Just a heads up that it might be hard to maintain over extend periods of time and keep your desired asset allocation, which means you would have to reallocate or adapt your focus on. What’s your definition of risk? And exactly how well do you diversify away that risk? My own opinion is that if you’ve got enough risk to potentially make a killing then you’ve got enough risk to potentially get killed.

And that’s not something I’d want. The other confounding variable is that TFSAs at this time are generally small enough relative to RRSPs that placing all of your “riskier” investments in TFSAs won’t dramatically change your overall risk. But picking right up risk across a whole RRSP or non-registered Account could be harmful to retirement planning, depending on size.

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If suppliers will consent to it, you might have the contract manufacturer purchase off your agreements. I worked for a company where a major goal was to drive payment conditions to 60 days. It was a measurement that was tracked and reported frequently with great management interest. We had a big quantity of suppliers who sell the right to CM’s at our price however, not with our terms. Six sigma is a quality management tool.

In contracting quality means that you have contracts that are effective and match the way you are conducting business. It means that agreements are current and don’t include outdated or unneeded requirements that add cost or unneeded complexity. Quality in contracts further means that your conditions are managing costs, dangers, or programs that are real.