I’d like to begin by thanking some very important people. Off First, Let me thank those art bloggers who developed the nominations. Your assistance in identifying good work is certainly appreciated by me. A special mention would go to Roger Brown, who nominated in every category – and nominated a category winner!

Next I’d very much like to thank those who took time out within the festive season to come and view the nominations and vote in this seventh Making A Mark Awards Poll. There were a lot more of you this year. I believe highlighting it on Facebook helped.

I certainly saw a few of the artwork bloggers highlighting the fact they had been nominated in a perfectly proper way – that also thank you. Finally I declare who won Best Picture of the entire year. This overall prize goes to the person with the most actual votes overall – as determined by you!

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  5. You’ve worked as a full-time creator for at least 2 years

This poll received 254 votes. The Nature Poll to time has only ever endured pets as nominations. This year three plant / botanical-oriented pictures were nominated – which was very impressive. The bird won However! Sherrie York’s linocut of a Magpie took a commanding early lead and maintained it throughout and won with 42% of the vote.

If you ever wish to know what markets in the art world go check out the amount of bird paintings, artwork images, and sculptures that get purchased in exhibitions of wildlife artwork! This poll received 282 votes. This poll traditionally gets the most votes of all polls – but this season when I rotated the order every day it arrived third. There was never any doubt who the champion was going to be right from the off. An early lead was taken care of and established throughout the time of the poll. Arto Isolato is a self-taught painter residing in Espoo, Finland along with his wife and two kids.

You can see more of Art’s paintings – and paintings of art in Finnish museums – on his blog. I don’t possess a website to send you to. This poll received 287 votes. I was totally intrigued by this poll, which transformed direction lots of times during the course of the four times. I actually experienced no idea who was heading to earn.