Difference Between Investment Bank Or Investment Company And Commercial Bank Or Investment Company (with Comparison Chart)

Based on the work performed by the banking institutions, the financial industry is bifurcated into two major sections i.e. investment bank or investment company and commercial bank or investment company. Commercial banks are established for the intended purpose of concluding commercial transactions, such as lawfully take debris and provide money to the customers like individuals and corporates. On the other hand, investment banks are established to offer services to investors.

The functions of investment banking institutions is different and serves as an intermediary between sellers and customers of stock and relationship, that help clients in raising capital. While an investment bank or investment company earn underwriting fee, commercial bank or investment company to earn interest on loans provided to the clients. There exists a thin line of difference between your investment bank or investment company and commercial bank or investment company, which is provided in this article at length. MeaningInvestment bank identifies a financial institution, that offers services like underwriting of securities, brokerage services etc. Commercial bank, or investment company is a bank or investment company that provides services like taking deposits, lending money, payment on standing order and so many more. The term investment bank is used to specify a financial institution that performs intricate financial transactions.

These banks link the big companies with the investors. The banks serve its customers in a number of ways like helping government and companies in issuing securities, helping the traders to buy stocks, and shares, bonds, etc. providing advisory services and so on. The banks create its income by charging fees because of its advisory services.

Further, the bank or investment company’s trading business is at the mercy of profit or loss. These banks play a crucial role in aiding companies or government to take well-planned decisions and raise funds easily. The term commercial bank identifies an establishment which is engaged in providing banking and financial services to the public all together.

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In earlier times, there was no such organization where people can deposit their money properly or take loans. So they used to visit money sharks to borrow money, plus they deposit their profit the post offices. Later on, banking institutions are being developed that works as a banker to all or any of the residents of the united states. Commercial banks are owned publicly or privately or by the mixture of the two. The banks help in the mobilizations of savings over the economy. The banks accept debris from the residents of the united states at a nominal interest and use that profit extending credit to some other clients (borrowers), charging an increased rate of interest from them.

In this way, commercial banking institutions make its income from the left amount of interest. Furthermore, one of the major sources of the bank’s income is the fees charged by them for offering various services to the general public. 1. A financial intermediary setup to provide investment and advisory services to the firms is known as an investment bank or investment company.