The Top 14K Gold-Plated Jewelry Brands to Add to Your Collection 1
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The Top 14K Gold-Plated Jewelry Brands to Add to Your Collection

The Rise in Popularity of Gold-Plated Jewelry

Gold has always been a symbol of affluence and wealth. As a precious metal, it can be very expensive. However, with the rise in popularity of gold-plated jewelry, you no longer have to break the bank to own a piece of gold. Gold-plated jewelry is becoming increasingly popular due to its affordability and elegance. Gold-plated jewelry is also low-maintenance and durable and has a longer life-span compared to other metals.

The Top 14K Gold-Plated Jewelry Brands to Add to Your Collection

Here are the top 14k gold-plated jewelry brands you need to add to your jewelry collection: Discover additional details about the topic by accessing Explore this related guide carefully selected external resource. layered bracelets, dive even deeper into the subject and enhance your learning experience.

  • Adina’s Jewels: Adina’s Jewels specializes in crafting classic yet trendy items that are perfect for any fashion-conscious woman. They offer a variety of affordable 14K gold-plated jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
  • Mejuri: Mejuri creates delicate 14K gold-plated pieces that are perfect for layering. They have a great selection of minimalist necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Mejuri’s creations are versatile and perfect for everyday wear.
  • Aurate: Aurate designs beautiful 14K gold-plated jewelry that reflects minimalist and modern aesthetics. They use 100% recycled materials to craft their jewelry, which makes Aurate’s jewelry eco-friendly. If you enjoy bold and sophisticated pieces, Aurate is the brand for you.
  • Missoma: Missoma specializes in 14K gold-plated jewelry that has an emphasis on personalization. They offer a variety of engravable pieces, which makes their jewelry unique and personalized. Their pieces range from dainty necklaces to statement earrings.
  • Madewell: Madewell designs 14K gold-plated jewelry that has a laid-back and whimsical vibe. Their pieces are perfect for layering and can add a touch of personality to any outfit.
  • What to Look for When Buying 14K Gold-Plated Jewelry

    When shopping for 14K gold-plated jewelry, it’s important to choose pieces that are of high quality. To ensure that you get the best value for your money, look for the following:

  • Guaranteed Quality: Don’t purchase 14K gold-plated jewelry that doesn’t come with a guarantee of quality. It’s essential to choose a brand that offers guarantees that their pieces won’t tarnish or wear out too quickly. Reputable companies will always guarantee the quality of their products.
  • Price: Look for 14K gold-plated jewelry brands that are affordable but don’t compromise on quality. Be wary of brands that are too cheap, as they are most likely low-quality and won’t last long.
  • Material: Check the materials used to create the jewelry pieces. Materials such as brass or sterling silver are great for a base but the actual gold must be of good quality too. Ensure they use 14K gold with a thickness of at least 1.0 micron.
  • The Top 14K Gold-Plated Jewelry Brands to Add to Your Collection 2

    Caring for Your 14K Gold-Plated Jewelry

    Once you have your 14K gold-plated jewelry pieces, it’s essential to learn how to care for them. Taking proper care of gold-plated jewelry will extend the life of your pieces. Here’s how to care for your 14K gold-plated jewelry:

  • Avoid Water: Don’t wear your 14K gold-plated jewelry in water as it can tarnish the jewelry. Water can damage the plating causing it to wear out much faster. Take off the jewelry before doing any activity that can lead to it coming into contact with water either directly or through sweat.
  • Avoid Contact with Lotions: Perfumes, lotions, and other chemicals can damage gold-plated jewelry. Before going out, allow any lotions or perfumes to completely absorb into your skin and avoid contact with your jewelry.
  • Clean Regularly: Regularly clean your 14K gold-plated pieces. Gently wipe your jewelry using a dry and soft fabric to remove any dust that may have accumulated over time or any oils accumulated on the surface.
  • Conclusion

    14K gold-plated jewelry has become a fashion staple due to its elegance and affordability. With these brands, you can get stylish and long-lasting pieces that add to your jewelry wardrobe. Care for your 14K gold-plated jewelry with caution and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the most out of your new purchase To achieve a comprehensive educational journey, we recommend exploring Explore this related guide external source. It contains extra information and fresh viewpoints on the subject discussed in the article. huggie earrings, investigate and discover more!