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Pallet Rack Protectors

Two types of pallet rack protectors are available to protect your products. They come in two styles: low-profile rack protectors and high-profile, polymer guards. Here are some guidelines to help you pick the right type. In case you have just about any inquiries concerning exactly where in addition to tips on how to utilize pallet rack column protectors, you can call us at our own internet relevant site.

Column guards

Forklifts, as well as other powered equipment, can often cause damage to pallet rack uprights. The entire structure could collapse and cause inventory damage. Install column guards on pallet racks to protect yourself against damage. UNARCO offers a variety column protectors in varying heights and designs. A column guard can prevent forklifts from damaging uprights by preventing damage to the base.

Low profile rack protectors

These low profile rack guards can both be installed indoors and out. They protect your pallet racking and the machinery and personnel on them. These guards come pre-drilled and can be easily installed. These guards are not only designed to protect your pallet rack from damages, but they also provide added protection from fork truck impact. For relevant site a low cost repair, consider installing Low Profile rack protectors for your pallet racking system.

Pallet Rack Protectors 2

Steel column guards

You can equip a pallet rack with many types of protective columns guards. These protectors are also known as column or post protectors. They provide steel-reinforced protection at the base of the upright. There are two types of column guards: column protectors and post-protectors. These fit flush with the column’s front and hug the upright. Some styles come with a bullnose design integrated into the protector. Others have it as an optional feature.

Polymer column guards

Column guards are used to protect warehouses. They come in many different styles. Floor-mounted models can be mounted on the front side of the column and secured to the floor with a baseplate. They are usually made of heavy-duty metal and have a powder-coated finishing. Mac Rak’s MAX Guard columnguards are covered by a warranty and come in two sizes. Additional bolting can be done with a bullnose Anchor. Additional rack clearance can be achieved by both column-mounted and floor-mounted guards.

Guard rails

Pallet rack protectors can be useful in warehouses to protect stock and employees. Yellow safety rails can be installed to stop forklifts from damaging pallet rack uprights. These rails are most effective when used at lower speeds, such as five miles per hour. Rails can be used to increase the life of pallet racks and keep workers and stock safe.

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