Financial Advisor Interview 1

Financial Advisor Interview

William Donner is the creator of Donner’s Financial Services, located in Livonia, Michigan. Mr. Donner’s firm is a signed-up investment advisor and a range of financial services and products. These include financial, investment, and retirement planning; life insurance; long-term-care, disability, and health-insurance planning; legacy planning; and consultative services for pension and IRA accounts.

Mr. Donner grew up in Michigan and graduated from Highland Park High School, where he performed varsity basketball. He was an extremely recruited athlete, receiving a scholarship or grant to Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University). He gained a bachelor’s degree in legal justice with an in sociology. After a brief period pursuing a career in professional basketball, Mr. Donner got into police and proved helpful for 15 years in the Detroit area as an official and detective. After leaving the police, Mr. Donner was recruited with a national insurance company for a consultative sales position.

He participated in an extensive training curriculum, and his commitment to “helping people are more informed about their financial options” helped him quickly build a client base. Mr. Donner remains the industry for several years to become a senior high school instructor and golf ball trainer, time for become an independent insurance professional and financial consultant later.

Mr. Donner is wedded and has nine children and 13 grandchildren. He is a volunteer basketball coach for young boys’ and young ladies’ youth basketball teams, has been associated with youngsters community centers, and supports the Coats for Kids and other charitable attempts in his local area. He “wants to spend time with family” and is an avid sports enthusiast.

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He enjoys building and flying large model airplane and is a member of the Flying Pilgrims radio-controlled airplanes club. Disclosure: Donner’s Financial Services Inc. is a registered investment advisor. The company only transacts business in claims where it is properly registered, or excluded or exempted from registration requirements. Registration as an investment advisor does not indicate that the advisor has attained a specific degree of skill or ability.

After some dialogue with our client and an assessment of the financial implications, we decided to the buyer’s plan to introduce this opportunity to his two applicants with the execution by them of a confidentiality contract. This dramatic comparison in transaction value and conditions really helped quantify and crystallize what we have intuitively known for many years. Contrast this current situation to a client that we displayed a couple of years back and you’ll understand our advice.