Everything Has Beauty, HOWEVER, NOT Everyone Sees It 1

Everything Has Beauty, HOWEVER, NOT Everyone Sees It

The latest trend in beauty treatments is the “5:2 Makeup Diet”. This on Sunday That is presuming you’re reading. By Monday, it’ll be something else; muesli facials, perhaps, or the hot new Japanese chip-pan massage. It employs a report that found two-thirds of British women wear makeup seven days a week and 71% suffer skin problems as a result of excessive foundation. I’d be interested to know more about Dr. Who’s medical qualifications.

Is this definitely how pores and skin skin cells work? I confess I was surprised to hear that two-thirds of women wear makeup 7 days per week. Seven days a week? That is because they can’t be bothered to clean it off between Saturdays, right? Which means, if my maths are right, that even if there’s a full crossover between your non-hygiene-acknowledgers and the non-makeup-wearers, that still leaves 10% of women who are both crawling with filth and caked in makeup.

But my problem with the 5:2 Makeup Diet is strictly exactly like my problem with the thought of wearing makeup seven days a week: regimen. Are our faces the new mangles? Our lip area the new jam? Our eyebrows the new surfaces? This metaphor out of hand? It seems as if the moment a mixture of white goods and feminism created a little bit of convenience and flexibility in our schedules, a flood of cosmetic hogwash poured directly into clog them up again. A week Seven days, a week five days, why impose any type or kind of timetable on what should be, if anything, the expression of sporadic whim?

  • Using clean hands, take about a teaspoon of the engine oil and lightly massage that person with it
  • 17 times in the past from Chicago, IL
  • Life is short so try to smile when you still have all of your teeth left
  • It consists of 1% salicylic acid and 1% mandelic acidity
  • Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture

I have little against the theory of makeup or physical self-embellishment; I’m grateful to be in a global world where my presentability is not reliant on God’s mercy alone. Seeking to look slightly cleaner and prettier than one would without effort in any respect is connected, for me anyway, with self-esteem, and self-esteem is an aid to all kinds of professional, social, and domestic well-being.

Besides, it can be fun. Our culture, eager as ever on binary divides, loves to categorize women either as grooming-obsessed birdbrains or intellectual frumps. Either there’s no room in your little scalp for anything but seaweed wraps and £500 handbags, or you can read, and write but you’ve worn the same beige tights for per month. This false section creates an inspired situation where women cannot but feel guilty and embarrassed – either for caring too much or not caring enough – thereby we get our come-uppance for the technology of the washing machine.

So: liberate, my sisters who are wearing makeup seven days a week! You shouldn’t do anything 7 days per week except eat, excrete, and be sure you are grateful when you haven’t got something in your eye. But wearing makeup five days a week, then not having for two, is not breaking free. That’s a different but equally monotonous routine just. And you can trust me definitely, because I’m not a doctor.