Today FIND OUT ABOUT Your Manicure Pedicure Tools 1

Today FIND OUT ABOUT Your Manicure Pedicure Tools

People these days are pretty much conscious about their appearance, about being personal and presentable cleanliness. So aside from taking care of skin and hair we also care for our nails- whether it is that of our fingers or toes. Pedicure and Manicure are the two specific beauty treatments for our fingertips and toes respectively. Read below to know about the different equipment required for manicure and pedicure at home and get the home salon service or any doorstep beauty parlor services. 1. Plate of tepid to warm water or fingerbath: Prior to starting off with the cutting and processing of your fingernails, you will need a plate of hot, warm water where you need to soak the hands.

Add a few drops of liquid soap in the water to wash your hands off all dirt and grease. 2. Nail cutter clippers: It is the basic equipment to cut the nails once you soak your hands in hot water that starts the skin pores of epidermis. 3. Cuticle knife and clippers: Utilized to cut and document the cuticle this device is a must have in your manicure tool package.

4. Nail Filer: That is an instrument to shape up your fingernails and cuticles after they are cut. 5. Scrubber: An excellent scrubber to scrub your hands in order to completely clean out the dirt and lifeless cells. 6. Brush: You will need a clean to rub the nails when you have very well scrubbed them. 7. Orange Stick: A metallic adhere to rub the surplus deceased cell layers off your nail enamel.

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PEDICURE TOOLS: Apart from the previously listed tools you need additional stuffs in your pedicure tool box for your perfect beauty services at home or doorstep beauty parlour services. Read below to learn about them in details. 1. Overnight foot cream: Choose a cream getting the mixture of jojoba oil and emollient beads that exfoliate and deeply hydrate your fat while you sleep. 2. Foot spray: Get a Foot Spray with reviving and deodorizing peppermint oil and menthol. 3. Pumice Stone: You need to rub your feet with a pumice rock after soaking it in lukewarm water. 4. Stainless micro-file: You need this post you are done with massaging the pumice stone. The metal filer will soothe your feet evenly, which makes it free of the deceased pores and skin layers or cracked layers. Ensure that you clean the above-mentioned tools with a disinfectant after completing your manicure pedicure at home. Maintain hygiene and sanitation during your home salon service.

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