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Build And Operate Your Online Business

Well, things have changed. And in a huge way. In 20 short years, Amazon has rapidly varied into one of the world’s largest internet companies – offering everything from mobile phones and furniture to food and Kindle Fires. And Amazon does congrats at it, too. They dispatch quickly, orders occur on time, prices are great, and post-sales customer service is stellar. Unhappy with what you bought? No problem. Amazon will back again to take it. Their no-quibble return policy makes it easy to shop with them. My children and I transferred into a new home just.

Everything delivered to our doorstep. So it’s no question large, brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart, Sears, and KMart are scrambling to rejuvenate sluggish sales. It’s also no real surprise retailers of all sizes are turning to Amazon and asking how they may leverage its volume of shoppers and its operational expertise – how they can be the tiny white birds on the hippo’s back.

Can Amazon serve as a thriving retail center for my products? And may Amazon help me do more than simply sales? As you can imagine, there are many companies that would love to help with every part of your business cycle. They would like to help you find new customers (and keep them!), boost sales, fulfill purchases, and offer post-sales support. You can resell any true number of your products on Amazon.

You can use Amazon Payments to process credit cards from your standalone e-commerce site. You can send containers of product to Amazon and they will pack, fulfill, and ship purchases as they come in. Basically it’s a platform for you to build and operate your online business. 75/month plus 2% credit cards processing fees.

Amazon supplies the tools for design, merchandising, catalog management, inventory management, checkout, payment processing, and customer service. Integration with affiliate advertising programs like Fee LinkShare and Junction. APIs for integrating with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Top brands using Amazon Webstore include Fruit of the Loom, Spalding, Dark & Samsonite, and Decker.

We recently helped Hawaii Hurricane Company releases a new e-commerce site on Amazon Webstore. Mark Doo is the owner and he’s experienced his business on Amazon for 24 months now. To moving to Amazon Prior, Mark operated 3 standalone websites. He found it cumbersome and expensive to manage them ultimately. What attracted Mark to Amazon’s solution was their ease-of-buying, their friendly return policies, and their commitment to customer service.

He also welcomed Amazon’s toned charge hosting, inexpensive credit credit card processing, and robust security. I like Mark because he continues things simple and targets the basics. He markets only a handful of items, all of them are winning tastes, he uses Amazon Fulfillment to streamline his procedures, and he’s fanatical about quality and customer service.

But he doesn’t overlook conventional retail. You’ll find his popcorn in more than 20 locations in Hawaii, including Long’s, Safeway, Times, Costco, and Walmart. Earlier this season Mark started selling his popcorn in every of the Costcos in Japan and has been regularly rated one of the top ten selling items in Costco Japan! So what’s the bottom line? If you sell, you have to market where your customers are at. If they online are, then you should be there, too. Your store’s online experience must be quick, professional, and painless.

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And it’s got to feel good every step of just how. There are always a couple of companies attempting to help you are doing exactly that. And Amazon Webstore is a good solution offering several unique advantages. It’s definitely worth out checking. JAMES KERR, Key, and Founder Geek of SuperGeeks. Mr. Kerr’s tech tips help businesses improve efficiencies and boost sales. Learn how your business can leverage search engine marketing techniques.

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