Eco Friendly Water Filter Bottle 1

Eco Friendly Water Filter Bottle

If I used to be stranded with an island and only allowed to have a few items, I’d like my Bobble drinking water filter bottle. I was introduced to this interesting invention by my sister, a new yoga-loving-gal. She said everyone in her studio was drinking out of this bottle. If everyone jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge ‘So, you would follow happily?

‘She replied,’ Yes, with the Bobble in my hand! The essential idea of having a filtration system built-in a drinking-water bottle was interesting. I borrowed her bottle to test it out. That night, I continued Amazon and ordered one immediately, in my own favorite color. A couple of days later the package deal arrived and I thanked my UPS man as I rushed to bring the deal in my house.

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I opened up it, excited to hold in my own hands…the Bobble! I can just fill up it up with regular tap water and off I go! It is certified BPA-free; will not contain PVC and Phthalates. The activated carbon filter has an identical function to the filter jug that you currently have at home.

The filter is easy to replace, simply need to unscrew one part and change it out for a new filter. You merely need to improve the filter over 200 uses, which probably average to about 4-6 weeks. It is made in the USA, from recyclables. You can choose from 13 oz, 18.5oz, 34oz in red, yellowish, green, dark, magenta, blue, and lavender.

How Does the tiny Water FILTERING Work? The carbon water filter eliminates harmful chemicals such as chlorine, as well as poisons from tap water. As you sip from the cap, water passes through the filter where negative ions are captured by carbon granules. It meets the NSF International Standard 42 for filtered water, which is very tight plus some water containers don’t even cut it. By drinking with this bottle you are taking one step towards saving the surroundings.

Americans spend over 15 billion dollars on water bottles each year. Disposable water bottles create high hemorrhoids of trash that hurt the environment and pose health risks for everyone. Every water bottle will finish up in a landfill and can take 2000 years to decompose around. If you are trying to go green and lessen your carbon footprint, you can start using the Bobble water as an alternative to buying plastic containers. The bobble water bottle may be a steep investment at first, but it is a superb way to save money in the long run. If you are spending much money on water in bottles each season, you may want to consider buying this cool eco-friendly device.

The bottom line is, buying drinking water containers can truly add up quickly. Buying a bobble-water bottle may also mean you have to buy an expensive water filter system don’t, at least not yet. Bobble Water Bottle, 18.5-Ounce, Lavender Buys What Do I BELIEVE of the Bobble Now? The size was perfect for me, at 24 oz. Although the bottle keeps 24 oz, you have to take into account displacement from water filter.

I appreciate the light, narrow design in the heart of the bottle that means it is easier to grip. I thought the Bobble drinking water container looked stylish really, and is in fact quite the conversation starter. Each Bottle came with a filter attached in its lid. It reminds me of the sports-style model, where you flip the top and sip through it.

The water undergoes the filter as it flows through your mouth. What I love most concerning this container is that it could be loaded by me up anywhere I go. I hike very with my dog Oakley often and don’t prefer to transport more than 2 bottles in my own backpack. I can fill up it up at the gym anywhere, on the path, at the office even.

Although I currently have an advanced drinking water filter system in my home, sometimes I neglect to bring a bottle of drinking water to the fitness center. That problem is currently solved since I can refill my Bobble at the water fountain just. Would it taste much better than tap water? Yes, Obviously. Can it flavor than the expensive home filtered systems better? No, not quite. You are using tap water and a portable device which can only do this much for municipal waters. The Bobble will surely replace the 24-instances of plastic-bottled water that everyone has been buying! I have been using this bottle for all those my water needs. If you’re in the market for something like this-go for it.