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The last step I take in my skin care routine is placing moisture into my face. I use the body shop wetness cream as I really like the body shop skin care lotions. This moisture is for dry skin and it really helps my skin to be soft and smooth instead of dry. The containers last a very long time and I’ve had this one for 2 months and there continues to be a lot still left. I love this wetness cream and I would suggest to anyone.

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner (I got this pretty little travel-sized containers from the wonder Bar K-Beauty event) looked after my skin with no sting. Travel-sized storage containers – Travel-sized containers saved me a lot luggage space when I have products I super cannot live without and getting big jars and bottles isn’t very useful. I also kept those sample-sized containers of cleansing oil I used to get from Shu Uemura occasions to carry my cleansing oil.

Lipsticks – I had been so glad I had formed my lipsticks with me. I don’t bring my very duper limited edition lipsticks with me after I travel and easily did, I guard them with my life. Lipsticks brought color to my face since I put zero color products virtually. Thankfully, those bright hippies made my face pop in photos but I also thought, hey, I could use my more neutral lipsticks as cheek cream blush too! I combined them with my fingertips just, makeup tools I automatically never forget. Here, ‘s @bernardokath wearing one of the shades, Tough, on her lips.

💋 Get these vacation tints in Tough (pinkish red) and Quirky (berry pink) as a set for only P598 at @shopeeph! Lip and cheek tint – I super love Happy Skin Kiss and Bloom Water Lip and Cheek Tints from the KathXHappySkin collection (PHP 299) for his or her universal tones flattering for each complexion. Sadly, I forgot my little tube in this trip but this definitely will make my travel kit in my next destination, whether it’s a personal vacation or a work trip.

It’s very perfect and easy to apply. Micellar wipes – Sometimes after a long day, it can get too tiring to remove makeup from your face. Even if this is a temperate country where you don’t sweat, you should! I found out Simple Micellar Cleansing Facial Wipes (PHP 249 for a pack) a couple weeks ago and they are so making my travel okay package the next time. These micellar wipes lift off dirt, grime, and makeup off that person without leaving any harsh ingredients, making this safe for those with sensitive epidermis. Even if this is mild on your skin, I’ve proven that this can remove waterproof mascara and the hardiest brow makeup known to man.

Best of all, it generally does not leave and slick greasy residue. I could take this with me on the plane if I want to eliminate makeup that’s been seated on my face in long-haul flights. Mask-bed linens – How do my epidermis not get scaly, patchy, and dried out the whole time? I’ve my mask bedding to thank to make my skin shine in 11-degrees weather. Simple launched their mask bedding that is super affordable at Php89 recently.

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You may also get a couple of 3 for PHP 199 and that’s enough for a week’s stay. Just slap one on on that person after cleaning and wake up to nice pore and skin. Don’t forget also to increase the mask liquid on your tough areas like elbows, knees, and heels.

Mask bed linens are also perfect for long-haul flights where epidermis can get really dry and thirsty from exposure to recycled airplane air. That is a lot more convenient than getting a big tub of face mask. Cuticle balm – It’s not merely your face that gets dry. Additionally you can get dry fingernails and cuticles.

I super love Posh Nails Cuticle balm (offered by Posh Nails branches) since it made my nails look pretty good for those IG photos even easily didn’t have Polish on. On top of that, it has the aroma of chocolate! Going on holiday does not suggest your regular beauty needs to continue vacation too.