How To Create AN INTERNET Course - 5 Steps 1

How To Create AN INTERNET Course – 5 Steps

As you probably know, we’re quite big on Instagram here at Found. Outside of the many articles that we’ve published on how to crush it with this social network, we know that there is a ton more to learn. That’s why we decided to create our very own online course to instruct others our exact steps on how to find success through Instagram. It has shown to be a hit within our community, a fantastic product for all of us, and they have helped press our business to the next level.

Now with an increase of than 1,000 students and keeping track of, we obtain daily email messages requesting us how we’ve managed to build such an intuitive and extensive online course. So to help our readers to know how we did it just, and how anyone can do the same, we’ve put together the following definitive guide on how to generate an epic online course.

In the following article, we’ll walk you through the advantages of making an online course, the major steps up involved with setting one, and a good guide to helpful resources and tools that we’ve used ourselves. Get the Step-by-Step Blueprint to Creating and Marketing 6-Figure Online Courses from Scratch! Why should I create an online course?

First thing’s first. Thinking about even build an online course at all? As you’ll see below, it’s not rocket science, but it is quite a commitment. To begin with, it’s important to note some radical changes happening in education today. You might traditionally think of learning in the context of an enormous lecture hall, chalkboards, or even kids programming like Sesame Street and Mister Rogers.

But education is increasingly about online learning. 59 million raised in the US by itself for related startups like the Kahn Academy. 200 billion in revenue. 20,000, with respect to the topic. And online courses enable you to go after any specific topic you can imagine, without asking you to take gen ed courses you may not be interested in. Like a potential teacher, as long as you have specialized knowledge in something you understand people want to learn about, you can start teaching with some pretty basic tools. 5,000 using their courses. So there’s potential to make money through online education.

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  • Sell products to your students

Think about any of it. During the gold rush, the people selling the tools made much more money than those mining for gold. When you have specialized knowledge you know people would value, and the structure can be provided by you that’ll allow them to learn, you might have platinum on your hands just. Here at Foundr, we’ve been very thinking about this industry, since education is a large part of our mission. So Instagram Domination is merely the first course we came up with, and we’re planning to release many more, drawing on knowledge from experts we’ve met and interviewed over the years.

But we had a need to figure out most of the details, especially how to size up from Nathan hosting a webinar himself, to distributing pre-recorded lectures that could serve our entire audience potentially. Through a lot of experimentation, we got there. Now, assuming you’re prepared to progress with a course of your own, where do you begin?