WHEN TO ACCOMPLISH BACKGROUND CHECKS: BEFORE OR AFTER JOB OFFER? After more than 30 years in the reference checking and background-screening business, I am still astonished at how many employers to make job offers to applicants for employment before checking recommendations or doing a thorough history check. What typically happens is the employer will make the work offer contingent upon the successful conclusion of a reference check or a background check.

What’s the problem with doing it that way? Well, if something does turn up in the screening process that makes the candidate undesirable to the company, the offer of employment ordinarily needs to be withdrawn and the unsuccessful applicant will immediately know exactly why! A savvy candidate will, as he or she has the right to do, demand to see whatever information was collected and challenge any of it he or she believes is false, in the hope an error has been made. Without recognizing it, the employer will also have opened up himself to a possible civil suit predicated on wrongful denial of work – if the information collected turns out to be false.

The only thing the employer has going for him in a situation like this is the fact that the burden of evidence is on the applicant to demonstrate that the info gathered about him was fake. Put another real way, there is absolutely no burden on the company to confirm that the info is true. But why proceed through all that, not forgetting the expense associated with being sued by the unsuccessful candidate?

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It makes a lot more sense to do the reference point and history checking before an employment offer is ever made. If no working job offer is manufactured, there’s nothing at all that has to be withdrawn and no one has to be terminated should something arrive that would cause the candidate to be dropped from further account for the job.

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