IMPROVE YOUR Facebook Profile And Pages With Facebook Timeline 1

IMPROVE YOUR Facebook Profile And Pages With Facebook Timeline

Mark Zuckerberg has taken advanced new feature in Facebook, named Facebook Timeline (The story plot of your Life). With this feature, you can view the whole activities that you’ve done on Facebook ever. Basically, it is a new look for the user’s profile pages which exposes their entire history on the site.

In the timeline, Facebook show some new areas that depict your daily life like work, education, family, romantic relationship, living, health, wellbeing, experiences, and milestones. With this you can certainly enhance your Facebook Profile and pages with Facebook cover photos. Facebook timeline cover photos are a great medium to get an attraction. So, this will help business people to promote their services better and advanced way.

Size of Facebook timeline cover photos is 849 by 312 pixels, and with this large size cover image, a business owner can simply promote his business. With this feature, main products and services of the company can get highlighting easily. And you may get a huge amount of revenue and traffic also.

These times many companies are available in the market, which provide Facebook profile addresses. By using cover photo, a consumer can in a position to enhance their profile page. They are able to use an attractive and unique timeline cover picture for his or her profile web page and because of their business web page or their private page. In a business perspective, if you have a unique and eye-catching cover picture for business profile and page, then you will definitely get many wants and consumers will entice communicate products.

And the cover photo will improve your Facebook profile and can enhance your Facebook web page also. Many companies are hiring designers for enhancing their Facebook and profile page, so that they can improve their brand value. And may grow their business to the next level. Now brands may use a Facebook cover photo towards the top of their timeline showing a new, impressive visual layer to their offerings as soon as a user lands on your page.

The height of the profile picture has changed to 180.180 pixels, so now you can utilize this for your logo design or another image that quickly highlight your brand. With this feature you can view and react to your recent activity and private text messages right from the very best of your Page.

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Now, fans have the ability to email privately through the new-message feature located at the very top right hand part of the new timeline profile page. As an admin, you can choose this feature to show on or off. Another great feature, which helps to enhance your profile, now company is capable of approve content before it goes live. Also for business point of view, the user can now choose to pin particular articles to the very best of their pages for seven days. This helps it be easier to emphasize important, newsworthy topics to the top of your Timeline for longer promotion and visibility. So, all these features points out that Facebook timeline improve your Facebook web page and profile.

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