Initially, you see an improvement in your skin. It glows or clears up temporarily, and you also think you’ve found the response to your skin layer care woes. After a few months, the results away start fading, and you’re faced with the same skin you had before you began this wonder regimen.

So you get back to the land of products, the department store usually, and search once again for another products that claim to create amazing results. And the cycle continues. The truth is, it’s difficult to find products that work. Considering the number of skin care lines available, you’ll think a big percentage of them would be effective.

Unfortunately for the unknowing consumer, there are extensive products that are pretty ineffective. The advertisements may have you believe otherwise, however the sad truth will there be is a lot of mediocrity in skin care. You will have to proceed through a trial and error period with different product lines before you find one that works for you. One product line my work well with your skin layer, and another may not. This depends upon the current condition of your skin, the climate where you live, what your daily diet consists of, and your skin type. Due to each one of these factors, I did not include specific product recommendations in my own books.

That is also true, for the most-part, throughout this website, although there are numerous recommendations about how to choose products that are best for you and your skin type. Whenever possible, I go directly to the section store and “cruise” the beauty section. As I approach the counter, I am greeted immediately by various salespeople wanting to show me the latest miracle in their skin care line-sometimes donning white lab coats, usually wearing inch-thick makeup (covering their pores and skin).

I feel as if I have been descended upon by sales-hungry piranha. I start by asking basic questions about elements and the way the products work. It really is as of this true point their special sales techniques kick in, but they usually can’t produce realistic answers to my basic questions. What I tend to hear is a lot of sales and skin care mumbo-jumbo.

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As I probe deeper and have more technical questions, it is clear these sales representatives are experts in their field-which is sales truly. If the answer isn’t in their “script,” they are caught off guard, referring back to their selling points. Once in a while I will be surprised by some intelligent (and accurate) answers but more than not often, the department store’s cosmetic salesperson fails miserably to make any real sense.

I believe the reason behind their lack of ability to answer my questions is twofold. As I’ve already said, their knowledge of the skin is bound from what they have discovered from the product collection they work for. But more when caring for the skin importantly, there are no wonders. Many products make outrageous promises, and the simple truth is these statements usually don’t endure. Most products simply cannot produce the results their advertisements want you to believe.

Trying to sell a wonder in a jar where wonders don’t exist is a tough job for anyone-expert or not. So keep in mind there are no miracles that can change your skin overnight dramatically. Proper and constant care is the main element to healthy skin. Generally, even products with well-worded ad promotions cannot change your skin’s condition instantly. Nor can they remove a lifetime of problem or neglect epidermis.

It’s a harsh actuality perhaps but entering the section store or anywhere products are sold with this knowledge will save you big money and disappointment. There are several articles under the category products-finding what’s right with “product recommendations” -that aren’t filled with specific products I’m recommending. Most are Q&As with clients and their skin issues and how I help them change or find products appropriate for what is going on with their epidermis.