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Sentia had hired a former consultant for Decision Insights who worked well to build up software for Sentia that could compete with Decision Insights’ software. According to Decision Insights, the software developed by Sentia is almost similar to its own. Decision Insights asserted that the parameters, variables, and sequencing associated with the programs must have been exactly like Decision Insights’ software to acquire such identical software.

The criteria for creating the living of a trade key under VA. Code ยง 59.1-336 includes whether or not the compilation has indie economic value, is well known or easily ascertainable by proper means generally, and is at the mercy of reasonable efforts to keep up secrecy. On appeal, the court considered whether Decision Insights adduced enough proof at trial for a jury to attain the final outcome that decision Insights’ software, as a compilation, is not known or ascertainable by proper means generally. At trial, Decision Insights had introduced two experts who testified that area of the source code was unknown to the general public and the sequence of the processes was unique rather than publicly available. Before, parties have stated a company’s products or process are not trade secrets unless kept purely and wholly confidential.

She had successfully managed teams of up to 5 tasting room staff and was responsible for the operating budget and profits for the winery’s hospitality program. And she was putting on a swimsuit. Now that is wine country casual! Oh, and for bonus points she did use cocoa butter for tanning so she smelled great. May be a little overpowering in a tasting room setting though.

Moral: While it might be casual in wine’s country, I appreciate if you wear something that you didn’t throw on after sunbathing. Blooper: Recently I was recruiting for a manager role within the engineering department at a large winery. My candidate met me at the right time, right place and was dressed appropriately. She brought along her resume, references, and some associated documents. We began the interview at the espresso things and shop were heading great.

Right about enough time we experienced details about her current role, her hand struck her coffee glass, hurling it, uncovered, into my lap. She then had my attention. She apologized profusely, handled herself very professionally in an exceedingly awkward situation, and tried to treatment the situation. While I was wiping in the foamy macchiato, I had been giggling on the inside.

This is something that I usually worry about doing–not getting done to me. She finished up interviewing for the position and got the job. I’ll look after that dry cleaning bill! Moral: Things happen. Be nice and conscientious and most of the time people understand. And you’ll be memorable. Even earn yourself a fresh nickname Maybe. Take Home Message: We all goof up. Sometimes quite publicly, sometimes with techniques just a few people see. Handling yourself professionally and courteously will pay off in the long run.

We’re active with other passions and goals now. And yet periodically we look with a wistfulness we never imagined would happen back. There are times when going to the gym just feels as though an everyday routine and spending a day in the lovely recreational pool seems a drain on the time that might be better spent. And, after a short burst of uncharacteristically regular sociable activity, we’ve regressed and settled into our more familiar introspective, introverted behavioral patterns. I smile when I recall discussions we used to have in the pool throughout that magical summer season of 2010 about the first people to move into our community, residents who experienced resided for 3 years before we shifted in here.

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We decided that they had major bad attitudes, weren’t that friendly, and were curiously reserved about the joy of life within an active adult community. Now we are them. While there are a few others who live nearby we still enjoy greatly, reality has intruded on other relationships that have become less friendly neighborly, merely cordial, as time passes. Some neighbors have transferred away already. So our neighborhood has ceased to be like an old television comedy — with everyone dropping in and out of every others’ homes — and more like a true to life: distance with some, varying examples of closeness with others.

While we still sometimes marvel at living in a holiday resort community, the drawbacks we didn’t foresee whenever we bought our home almost four years back moderate our excitement. We are concerned about the suggested copper mine that won’t disappear completely despite a series of resolutions exceeded by the town of Florence against in situ mining in a home area.