Ulta Welcomes Cannuka, Its First CBD Skin-Care Brand

CBD may be short for cannabidiol, but at this point, it could as well stand for “can’t be dodged” – that’s how ubiquitous the hemp derivative is becoming in both personal care and skin care recently. But despite how many brands make products infused with the high-free cannabis element now, you may be surprised to discover that one of the most popular beauty retailers in the U.S., Ulta, hasn’t transported a CBD-based brand. That’s, until now.

Cannuka, which was available from suppliers like Neiman Marcus and Free People already, just became Ulta’s first-ever CBD skin-care brand. If you are not yet acquainted with Cannuka, which may be because it’s relatively new. Some tips about what you need to know about them. Cool upon application, this silky balms warms as you tap it onto the skin around your eyes. In addition to the two signature substances, it offers supplement E also, rose hip essential oil, and grapeseed oil to handle fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles.

Do the same on the brow bone (beneath the eyebrow) and internal corner of the attention. The goal here is to highlight your face without making the shimmer obvious. If you’re unsure if the shimmer is blended sufficiently, after application brush over eye and cheeks with your powder brush again. 6.Two jackets of mascara Apply, not allowing the mascara to dry between jackets.

Use an eyelash comb to perfect the look of your lashes. 7.End your lifestyle with a lipgloss or tinted chapstick for a refined pop of color. This will leave you looking natural and fresh. You can go about your day and be confident that you will be putting your best face forward without investing too much time and effort. The first few times, the application form may take much longer, but you get the hang of it once, you’ll be looking beautiful and out the door in under quarter-hour!

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