Does That Make Them Less Intelligent? 1

Does That Make Them Less Intelligent?

Companies that can pay better generally want web sites that can incorporate within an existing CRM/ERP system. I understand there are existing solutions for this, but WordPress isn’t the first enterprise solution that comes to mind. Agreed on both fronts. So it’s something that’s gradually penetrating the marketplace. How significantly it’ll go is anyone’s figure.

Anyway, all that to state is that it can integrate with existing systems. It could take custom development (or, it will require custom development), but it could be done provided those systems are either database-driven and/or expose APIs. Granted, I could be missing the point here. Totally willing to own that.

WordPress is a great tool for usability but significantly, versatility there is just not. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on usability and flexibility. Day in and day trip Even as someone who is in WordPress, I don’t think it’s usability is fantastic. It’s good. But it’s not great.

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  • Julie of Oak Leaf Hollow Primitives
  • Ease of maintenance, since there’s hardly any content to keep up
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  • A prominent Proactive approach (CTA), such as sign-up, contact, or purchase button

I’ll say that I believe gets better on a regular basis, but it has room to change as much as the next software application. As as flexibility is concerned far, I think this depends on the capability and familiarity of the application’s APIs. I’ve found that WordPress is flexible and with the upcoming REST API incredibly, it’s only going to get more so. Some of us need to level past the true point where we use PHP to render our views.

There’s no magic bullet for situations such as this. I’d advocate for such. Some people with this relative side of the fence need to do something similar, as well. So we incorporate technology as needed in order to get our work done. I understand many more smart software engineers that work with this framework than I really do with WordPress.

Smarter people tend to work with certain tools. WHILE I read things like this, I try to believe the best than presume the most severe rather. That said, the choice from what you’re saying is, “Less intelligent software engineers work with WordPress. I’m less intelligent Maybe. I could own that, too.