Is Social Bookmark Traffic Useless? 1

Is Social Bookmark Traffic Useless?

Is sociable bookmark traffic worthless? Is it well worth cultivating for your site even? Could it be used from an internet marketing perspective? It offered me the perfect chance to study and evaluate the traffic coming from these social mass media sites. Read to find advantages and drawbacks of public bookmark traffic and exactly how it can be applied to your own online marketing or site. Is Social BookMark Traffic Useless?

First, we must make the variation that no traffic is worthless. Any visitor to your site is a good thing and should be welcomed. However, all traffic similarly is not created, there are great variations in the sources of your traffic. This post requires a close analytical look at sociable bookmark traffic from an online marketing perspective. In case you haven’t noticed, right now sociable bookmark and media sites are all the rage on the net.

These public bookmark sites are extremely popular; they command word the high traffic numbers most regular sites can only just dream about obtaining. But is this cultural bookmark traffic useful? Could it be worth your time? For anyone who is positively promoting to these cultural media sites? In the event you concentrate your online marketing efforts on these types of sites? Moreover, what are the disadvantages and advantages of getting a front page listing on sites like Digg or Stumbleupon?

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As a full-time online marketer I wanted to learn the answers to people’s questions. Moreover, I wanted to find how or easily could use these websites from an internet marketer’s benefit; i.e. how can they help me to create more online income. Recently, the Digg listing gave me a first-hand chance to really study these sites. You can do the same.

Just utilize this simple bookmark to appeal to these websites. But be careful; getting your site featured on leading page of the sites can drive 100,000’s of visitors to your site immediately, so much traffic that it could overtax your crash and server it. So be warned; if you are actively promoting to these sociable bookmark sites just make sure your servers or web hosting is up to the demanding task of managing all these sudden visitors. In my case, it didn’t crash my machine but unfortunately, the web page/link in question highlighted a vintage badly written article I did so on the history of the web. Why it was presented on Digg is a puzzle and beyond me even.

But still I am not one to waste an opportunity, therefore I put my Google Analytics into overdrive and starting analyzing these visitors and public bookmark traffic. It described some very interesting factors about this bookmark traffic. The unfamiliar variable here is the content on your site, how good it is? How well does it perform?

Regardless, one universal problem with traffic from these sites, it’s very temporary traffic. These visitors shall not stick to your site long and most are gone within minutes, to be seen again never. A few may register with your opportunity or publication to other areas of your site however, not many. Social bookmark traffic is very fleeting, like customers in the drive-thru section in an easy-food restaurant, they grab the content and surf back to the major linking site rapidly and surf on to the next item. This traffic will act very differently than organic traffic from the various search engines, or from your publication traffic or from traffic in your marketing funnels.

It was unlike getting one of my articles highlighted in Addme or SiteProNews, where I can certainly get 200 or 300 new subscribers in a day. Plus, these visitors are interested in my information and have been subjected to my content (article) before coming to my site. So there was no comparison; Any day over traffic from the social bookmark sites I’d take the traffic from these sites. And I’d take free organic traffic from the various search engines over some other way to obtain traffic.

So the question remains – is interpersonal bookmark traffic useless? First, as I mentioned before, you must realize no traffic is ineffective; any visitors to your site is an excellent thing. Without traffic your site is worthless, only a few files sitting on the server in the center of nowhere.

Obtaining visitors is one of your first goals as a webmaster. You need to get visitors to your site or it’s game over. The very best kind of traffic is traffic coming from organic search, site visitors who result from the search engines seeking precisely what you’re offering on your site. These are targeted visitors who’ll consider your offer, real your details, maybe buy a product or sign-up to your publication or follow-up system. They often become repeat people to your site.