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I once was a staffer at a publication and abruptly lost my full-time status credited to financial problems at the publication, only this is about 15 years ago. And, for me personally, so far, so good. Which brings me to my free offer. If you are anyone who has remained the comfort of an employee photography position from November 1st of this year, and through January 31st of 2009, I will send you a duplicate of my publication free of charge.

You have to have either been let go or opted to have a buyout in some form or another. If you got terminated for stealing, or manipulating photos or that type of thing, you’re out of good fortune. You’ll need to send me a link to a recently available picture of yours at the paper (or publication) online, and I am only giving it for you.

If you already bought a copy, well, you get my thanks then, this offer isn’t transferable. I’ve no basic idea how many people will take me up on this, but if it gets over 100, I’ll have to add the condition that offer could end without further notice.

Where will I get the books? Amazon. I’ve given away over 200 free copies since it arrived already, and so once I’ve verified you’re a legit previous staffer somewhere, you’ll receive an Amazon gift cards via e-mail for the cost of the reserve. There’ll be considered a great deal of the honor-system happening here.

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  2. Personalization tokens make it easy to send a single email to multiple people
  3. Stock indexes and exchange-traded funds, or ETF’s
  4. Global e-Commerce with the Electronic Product Code (EPC) and RFID
  5. Loans and Lines of Credit
  6. Work around: call out using Skype for Business customer
  7. A deployment environment not covered by traditional PaaS offerings
  8. Utilize common business logic and services

One per customer please. You get it Once, for a start turn to web page 71, the section entitled “Transitioning from a Salaried Staff Position to Freelance.” Then, begin at the Introduction. If you are curious what I’m saying is, hit this link and then enter in “71” in the search to see what I am referring to. Why am I achieving this?

Heck, it might help some amazingly talented photographer continue to contribute to this career that I really like so much and to continue to be able to make a difference using their images. Please, post your comments by clicking the hyperlink below. If you’ve got questions, please create them inside our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.

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