WHAT EXACTLY ARE You Being For Halloween? 1

WHAT EXACTLY ARE You Being For Halloween?

This Friday post is very random because I have had a brilliant active/exciting week and have been working quite a bit. My face is super shiny. All. The. Time. Though Seriously, I need a solution. I use those blotting papers and natural powder already. Anyone have any applying for grants my situation? Has anyone attempted the at home gel manicure sets? I am interested totally!

I have seen them at Wally World and want to try them out if they work very well! I just got a new makeup bag from Target (of all places) and it is the cutest! I will have to do a post onto it since it is so perfect! What are you being for Halloween? This is the first Halloween that I haven’t planned something out in progress– I want quick and easy suggestions for a Halloween party tomorrow night time! CM is going to do a blog or two here on the Summer Wind every month. Are you experiencing any ideas for her? She’ll reveal her experience at Kentucky up to now, what she actually is caring for Keeneland/tailgating and fall/winter. Any other suggestions would be great. Alright, that is all before I fed up everyone to tears.

I understood what he looked like because Mom kept all the photos of him around the house still and I’d go stare at them just to allow hatred I felt churn in my own belly. He now was older, his hair streaked with white, but I knew him still. He told me he wasn’t trying to make up for being absent my entire childhood.

That he couldn’t make up for that, but that he’d noticed what a shitty father he’d been – no, that he hadn’t been a dad at all – and that he didn’t be prepared to have the ability to mend the partnership. But at least, he wanted to purchase my university tuition. I informed him I had fashioned a scholarship. He said he’d pay my dorm fees then, as well as for my textbooks.

But I didn’t have to take that if I didn’t want to. It was okay easily hated him too much. I was given by him a card, a bland, generic graduation card safely, and inside was his cellphone number. I possibly could text him if the amount of money was wished by me and he’d just send the I didn’t have to call or anything. No strings attached. Just his pathetic attempt at being truly a father. Little and too late Too, perhaps, but there it was. He said that actually. He called himself pathetic actually. I didn’t know very well what to say therefore I said nothing and he walked away.

I stuffed the credit card into the bouquet’s wrapping and informed Mom these were from a teacher that had mentored me while I used to be racking your brains on what things to major in. We place the plants in a vase after we were home and I hid my dad’s credit card in my own moment box with the sharpened rib and the finger bone necklace.

That night I went down to the beach. Liz was looking forward to me. I’d told her I had been graduating and described why that was important. She’d been sad when I’d explained college, realizing that I was going away and wouldn’t see her except in the summer. I’d cried a bit at that and guaranteed her that I’d continually be her friend, that it was only for four years and then I may find a spot to live close to the beach and we’d be together again. We sat on the stones and she tried on my graduation cover.

She was happy for me, she said. She understood this is important to me and although she was going to miss me, it was known by her was limited to a while. She’d be waiting for me, she said. She’d wait permanently if she needed to and I experienced unusual at hearing her say that.

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Like something tugged on my heart, like the strands of her locks wrapped around my chest, just as her bracelet covered around my wrist when she was brought by me men to expire under the waves. I informed her about my dad. How I was brought by him flowers and was offering to help pay for college.

I don’t know why I told her this. Something whispered in the rear of my head that I shouldn’t, some little voice that I think perhaps I will have been listening to for seven years now but haven’t. She sat up straight at my words, her hands going in her lap as she kept my graduation cap still, and her eyes were wide.