Here’s HOW EXACTLY TO Create An Online Presence Employers WILL LIKE 1

Here’s HOW EXACTLY TO Create An Online Presence Employers WILL LIKE

Looking for employment can be demanding. But are you overlooking a significant factor that could hurt – or help – you in the process? CareerBuilder surveyed over 2,300 hiring managers and recruiting professionals and found 70% use social media to display job applicants before supplying a position. Have you considered the impression your social media presence is making on future employers?

“For the most part, and for better or worse, employers are searching for candidates before they ever call them for an interview online,” said Brie Reynolds, mature career specialist at FlexJobs. “Some employers find it more desirable or simpler to learn about an applicant through their online information rather than simply their job application and cover letter,” she said.

“Some want to confirm the info you’ve given them in your application materials. Reynolds said LinkedIn is her go-to source to find out more about job candidates typically, but she’s considered Google looks for further analysis as well. Bryan Chaney, director of employer brand at Indeed, said job seekers should be sure to search their own names (and all of its variants) online. “Worthwhile recruiter or recruiting professional will paste a candidate’s name into a search engine if they’re in serious consideration for a job,” he said.

Since potential employers would like you out, it’s important to make sure the content you post doesn’t draw any warning flag. Fifty-four percent of those surveyed said a working job candidate’s social media profile led them to not provide a job. Chaney said highly polarizing views are problematic as it pertains to look at a candidate’s background also. “Having a personal perspective is important, but having that opinion drive most of someone’s decisions is dangerous, when the role has any degree of public visibility especially,” he said.

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Lack of professionalism and reliability is another thing to be aware of. “Ditch that cropped college party picture and get a proper headset that you can use across networks,” Chaney suggested. Now if you think the easy solution would be to delete all of your social media accounts or take a moratorium on posting anything online, you might like to think double.

“Old or out-of-date information (or dormant profiles) are also warning flag, as maintaining a personal presence is now a priority online,” Chaney said. “In the event that you haven’t kept your profiles current, will you finish what you started on the job? Reynolds said having no online existence – not a simple LinkedIn profile – is cause for concern for employers. A lot of today’s careers are based in the data overall economy “So, which takes a good amount of activity online,” she said. While a lack of an online existence is frowned upon, restricting usage of certain accounts may be more appropriate. “I’ve never heard of employers worrying about applicants who have protected or blocked social media accounts,” Reynolds said.