[Sun Care] Looking For A New Daily Sunscreen Moisturizer For Acne-prone, Combination Skin 1

[Sun Care] Looking For A New Daily Sunscreen Moisturizer For Acne-prone, Combination Skin

So I’ve pretty good, mild-tempered pores and skin; my skin pores can clog easily but it’s easy to control. I take advantage of Neutrogena’s ultra-sheer presently, dry touch sunscreen in of 70 which works pretty well for the most part. I’m just looking for something that doesn’t feel so thick/greasy on your skin and moisturizes my skin better. Please, help me, I’ve been use the same brand for awhile now and Personally I think like I’ve resolved! I’m not acne prone but I’ve been loving Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Gel SPF50. It’s light, no white ensemble, and moisturizes but it will leave your skin dewy-looking which a light dusting of loose natural powder can remedy if you want a matte finish off.

Oo yes, that sounds really nice actually. I want dewy, not oily and apparently that’s an excellent line to walk on. That’s my go to sunscreen as well! That or the spa 110-face shield, which is a little less oily in. Not long ago I started using La Roche posay Anthelios Clear Skin Dry Touch 60 SPF and I’m really caring about it. It dries very fast and is totally matte.

Should point out that it also combo/acne susceptible as well lol. I can’t speak for white ensemble, since I’m very pale, but there’s none that I’ve noticed. Supergoop has a moisturizer sunscreen if you’re looking for a combo also? I’ve heard of supergroup never, so definitely look into that more Aisle. My thing is, during the day so maybe I will try a matte cream the neutrogena one makes my skin very oily. I’m an olive to tan complexion so white cast is an issue for definitely. La Roche Posay Double Repair UV. Such a pleasant texture! It’s wonderfully moisturizing and hasn’t excellent elements. It’s not oily though. It’s my complete favorite, I’ll always repurchase this.

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Because of this reality, people feel that their purchase of a lipstick that is used and then trashed is morally indefensible barely. It’s true- trash and waste do add up. That can’t be ignored. In conditions of this argument, I feel that it is up to the individual consumer to manage and modify their consumption behaviors.

I myself have been that person who bought two or three 3 foundations that didn’t work out, only to come back them and also have them trashed. That experience didn’t happen, and then disappear from my psyche- in truth it informed the buyer I am today. Because I regret the wastefulness that resulted from my “reasonable” consumption habits, I modified my standard of what is reasonable.

Nowadays, I do not think it is acceptable to order a foundation individually, view unseen, from an online entity. I’ll only purchase foundations I have personally tested in-store for color and formula purposes. While I’ve had to come back some items still, after they pass the minimum in-person testing process even, the number is greatly reduced. For now, for me personally, the “cost” is acceptable. And that is a judgment each person produces themselves, as we all have a different suitable threshold. I’d also ask the common makeup consumer to have a critical look at the type and amount of waste produced by buying-when-returning vs.

Let’s have a lipstick example. Wow, much waste, very unhappy, right? Let’s look at the “virtuous” option of not coming back, however. In fact, you start to see the only true thing that you get by using a lipstick up vs. 0.5 oz of wax and colorant instead of throwing it in the trash immediately. The rest of the packaging regardless gets recycled, or trashed, today or six months from now whether the trashing occurs. The resources contained inside just the merchandise portion of the lipstick is minor set alongside the gas and plastic consumed to generate the merchandise and deliver it. We’re talking 100% waste in the first example and maybe 99% waste materials in the next example.

Because makeup is undeniably an extravagance, not a necessity, any and all environmental and financial costs are, to be Frank, a waste. Just because you get some good ephemeral satisfaction or self-esteem boost from being truly a consumer of makeup does not mean that it’s a really necessary product. And hey, who cares?

That’s a big portion of the materials we as humans produce and consume. We individually decide of what is a satisfactory amount of intake for each folks. Someone living off the grid and subsisting off the land have a different “acceptable” threshold than someone who lives in a high-rise in a city, commutes to their job, flies on planes, and buys packaged foods from the store.