Savings Rates IN THE Up, As NS&I Relaunches Growth Bonds 1

Savings Rates IN THE Up, As NS&I Relaunches Growth Bonds

For those that prefer their interest once a month, the one-year Income Bonds pay 1.45%, or 2.15% over 3 years. This compares with 1.86% provided by the Al Rayan Bank or investment company – the highest-paying one-year fixed-rate connection, or 2.25% on the best-paying three-year relationship from the lender of London & the Middle East.

In all instances the NS&I bonds have at the least £500 investment (up to a maximum of £1m) per person, per issue. Savers can cash them in early with charges equal to 90 days’ interest on the amount withdrawn. Savers must keep an equilibrium of at least £500 to keep the bond open, it says.

Unlike some other NS&I products, the earned interest is taxable and will count on the customer’s personal savings allowance. Ian Ackerley, NS&I’s chief executive, says the move was “another boost to savers” coming on top of rate increases to its adjustable rate products, including Premium Bonds, December on 1. Sarah Coles, an analyst at investment firm Hargreaves Lansdown, says the bonds are part of NS&I’s ambitious target to attract between £10bn and £16bn within the next tax year. “The final time it acquired such a bold target was the launch of the so-called ‘pensioner connection’, paying 4% over five years, which saw £2.3bn committed to its first three times,” she says. “These bonds aren’t so generous quite, however they are competitive. The three-year-Guaranteed Growth Bond looks especially strong, with the second-highest interest for a minimum investment of £500.

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