An Innovative Approach To Employee HEALTH AND FITNESS 1

An Innovative Approach To Employee HEALTH AND FITNESS

SnowFit is an employee health and fitness program that combines the advantages of step keeping track of and education on healthy lifestyle options, with motivational and inspirational support at the office. A feasibility study was conducted when it was determined that funding for the new program was available. This scholarly study concluded that the program had the potential to be practically self-sustaining. Program development involved negotiating five major items that were critical to the success of this program. A survey was conducted to validate the direction, community health experts were consulted, processes were put into place, and social platforms were designed for communications and daily management of this program.

Marketing, program theme, difficulties, rewards, and the entire program were ready for start within 33 business days. Stats of engagement were much higher than expected, financial commitments finished in the black yet. Because of this high participation rate, people are moving more, learning and thinking about how their choices affect their health, and seeing real results. This momentum will bring the program ahead to advantage students at the university as well as its employees for years to come.

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SnowFit is a cross program that provides employees benefits at little or no cost to the faculty. Essentially, this program has the potential of providing increased employee place of work satisfaction, improved physical health, and additional benefits that could save the organization money in avoiding attrition and worker sick days while growing employee place of work environment satisfaction. This program enhances potential productivity while also engaging the relationship between the college and its local community. SnowFit utilizes both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to leverage the greatest results. A number of the areas this program targets are: improving community involvement; providing benchmark opportunities;, and supporting competitions, problems, and rewards.

The specifics of this program were shown in Chicago at the Innovations Conference in 2016. Since that time, several community schools have focused on developing similar programs in their towns to advantage employees and their company cultures. The following format explains that which was achieved within 33 business times from idea to launch, and shares success stories and future plans for the program. Therefore, it’s the mission statement of SnowFit combined with the Wellness Council “To motivate and inspire employees to go, THINK, and find out”. College was available. It made sense to use this money for a health-related purpose.

The next step was to forecast an estimated cost in preparation for a proposal to be produced to the Health and fitness Council and the College Administrators. Snow College is comprised of two campuses. The main campus in Ephraim comes with an activity-middle (AC) available for employees and the community, however the Richfield campus (53 mls away) does not.

The variety of employees who had been currently paying to use the AC was obtained. For purposes of this scholarly research, a slightly higher participation rate (31 – 35%) was calculated in the record in anticipation of the new-program hype and the enthusiasm factor that would be created. For all those on the Richfield campus, the estimated participant percentage was computed at the price of the neighborhood gyms. The proposal also included around a number of spouses that may take part and developed an algorithm to adjust with actuals as they emerged in.

Various step-tracking devices were considered and a bidding process was adopted per the College plan. FitBit was chosen because of the discounted commercial service and rate package deal they offered. 5/mo participation charge was reasonable. This money was used to pay for a portion of the Fitbits. SnowFit funds covered between 26-47% of the cost of the trackers depending upon the merchandise employees chosen.