IELTS Speaking Test Questions & Answers 1

IELTS Speaking Test Questions & Answers

What is your name? Where are you from? Do you work or research? I work, I’m a security guard in a division store. Could it be easy or difficult to acquire jobs like that in your country? I found it easy quite, but my parents supported me. Some families don’t like their daughters employed in jobs such as this.

Do you prefer your task? Yes, there’s lots of variety and I get to see and meet a great deal of different people every day. It’s more interesting than focusing on my family plantation or in an office. But 1 day I would like to have my very own small business.

  • Experience working in a non-profit business environment
  • How is scams defined
  • A business credit card can help mitigate cashflow concerns
  • Advanced International Trade Law
  • Demotivation 13.2.2015
  • The company’s principal business address
  • Used (at the time unreleased) brand possessions within the talk with keep users involved

When did you first use the Internet? When I was at elementary college. A couple of years later my parents acquired a web connection installed in their office, where they run their agricultural business from, and I could access it almost every day. Do you get things on the internet? I’ve only done it a few times. It’s still a novel way of searching for many people here. How will you normally buy things on the internet often?

Not very often, but maybe in the foreseeable future I’ll use the internet more for making purchases. Who took the photograph? Why do you prefer this picture? I’ll tell you about my favorite photograph, which is a photo of my children, my parents, my buddy, and three sisters. It was taken by my uncle when I was still a little girl. We went on a grouped-family excursion to various places in Nepal. The photograph is at a location called Butterfly Valley and is a group picture and in the backdrop you can see a spectacular waterfall.

We were all much younger then but I could keep in mind it was a very happy time for my family and an extremely special trip that we took jointly. Whenever Personally I think sad I love to understand this photo because it always reminds me of my beautiful family, how happy most of us were, and exactly how lucky we are to really have the many blessings we have inside our lives.

I wish to come back there some day in the future and visit that special place again. A copy is had by me of the picture which I keep in my room, but we also have a more substantial version of it which is framed and hangs on the wall in the primary social room of our house. Inside your opinion, what elements make a good photograph? I think it is important that the content of the photo is interesting, or if it’s of people, all of them are happy and well situated then.