PIXI Rose Infused Skintreats 1

PIXI Rose Infused Skintreats

The skincare pixies attained my door again with all the rose infused goodies. Pixi Beauty is definitely in my make up handbag or on my beauty cabinets for a long time now. I’ll be 28 this season, so you could say I’m a enthusiast of the brand.

I was a bit more reluctant to try their skincare though as the acids worried me off initially but Pixi skincare products have found their place in my own routines now. Something I’ve discovered with Pixi Beauty is that don’t assume all single product is going to be befitting my epidermis, so I’ve quickly needed to learn what self control is when they drop new ranges like the Vitamin C skintreats. Although I’d didn’t have to worry about using the Rose Infused Skintreats because my epidermis enjoys anything with rose in it.

I was very kindly delivered their Ultimate Rose Infused Skintreats Routine, which included a product for every step you could think of. Some of the products that showed up I already use on a daily basis & others I had been eyeing up, so I’m sure you could speculate I was composed when Mr Postman knocked the entranceway. This tonic is the most calming of their tonic collection probably. I use the Glow Tonic & follow it up with the Rose Tonic daily, mainly because of its soothing properties.

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It really helps to minimise redness and calm your skin. My skin is super sensitive, so after a complete skin care routine it can often be a little furious due to all or any the scrubbing and rubbing & the Rose Tonic really works to relaxed my skin. EASILY have energetic breakouts I just use the Rose Tonic as it can the secret to help sooth my epidermis.

This tonic also works a little harder with hydration which is always a plus. This cream is my trip or expire officially. I also had no clue what ceramides were after i first started employing this cream so I had a little look into them. They may be lipids that help your skin layer build its hurdle and works to help maintain wetness. Ceramides can vanish from your skin layer which may then lead to obstacles breaking down and then you can finish up with dry & irritated skin.

This was all completely new information if you ask me but I’ve been applying this cream since the beginning of October this past year & I won’t go with out it any more. Specially with having acne vulnerable epidermis which leads the dry areas and lots of discomfort obviously. Soothing & extra hydrating, I’d recommend it to anyone!

I’ve actually had this repairing mist hanging around for a couple of years now. This one is a little of a multi use product, that i love. You can use it before makeup to calm your skin, after makeup as a setting spray to include a dewy finish off or just when ever you want as a bit of the refresh. It is used by me for all of them, I also have a spare one in my locker at the job as the environment I work in is not fun for your skin layer at all. Super refreshing after a shower Also.